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39980 Foxtrot Circle

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Bee Removal

Contact us about removing and re-hiving your bees instead of exterminating them.

(303) 842-1291

Welcome to The Green Bee Company! Your source for happy bees and healthy honey.

Although Green just happens to be our name, it is also a very good descriptor of how we keep our bees.  We try to keep our bees as naturally as possible. We  have found that the hive designed by Rev. Emile Warre, a top bar hive, is suitable for this purpose.

We are located in Elizabeth, Colorado, which is on the Palmer Divide, at the altitude of 6,480 feet, just between Denver and Colorado Springs.

We sell raw wildflower honey, beeswax, Warre style top bar hives assembled or in kit form and we do honeybee cut-outs and swarm removals.

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