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Bee Removal

Contact us about removing and re-hiving your bees instead of exterminating them.

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Bee Removal

The Green Bee Company is proud to include bee removal among our services. As a small, local company made up of bee enthusiasts we pride ourselves on competently removing your bees and re-hiving them. We offer several decades of extensive construction experience and an eye for detail making us uniquely qualified to safely remove bees from your home, even inside your structure. We know how incredibly important a happy, healthy bee population is to our environment so we do everything in our power to re-hive bees as opposed to simply exterminating them.

Why do we re-hive bees?

I am sure you have heard of the mysterious bee "plague". Bees have been disappearing at an alarming rate and no one knows why. It is our driving motivation to re-hive bees as opposed to extermination. Bees provide an immeasurable benefit to the plant population. The loss of bees can and will continue to have a devistating impact on our agriculature, health and well being. Social and environmental responsibility, coupled with the fact that we simply love bees makes us an ideal company to remove, and re-hive, your bees. We know that bees living in your home or other structure is not ideal, but the bee population is too important to pass exploring this option remove your unwanted guests. We can either remove your bees and re-hive them elsewhere or we can re-hive them at a more appropriate location on your property. Just think of all the fun....and all the honey!

We have successfully removed and re-hived many bees from small structures to large apartment complexes. Before having your bees exterminated let us give you a quote to discover if this is a viable option for you. 


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