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Bee Removal

Contact us about removing and re-hiving your bees instead of exterminating them.

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Our wild honey is harvested and packaged without any heating or micro-filtering.  The honey is only filtered twice, to remove impurities but still leave in the pollen and other natural components and nutrients, keeping it in it's most natural state. 

Some people advocate eating raw, local honey to help develop immunities towards hay fever and allergy symptoms.  Honey is also known to be a natural topical, antibacterial dressing. 

Our personal preferences, however, lean toward putting it on just about anything and everything toasted and using in many baking recipes. 

Raw honeys have a distinct and very rich flavor and they are determined by the concentrations of local nectars and pollens that the bees collect to make the honey.  Honeys found on the shelves in the local "mega marts" are usually highly processed, filtered and refined and therefore, all of the "other" ingredients are removed along with the flavors and health benefits they impart. 

Buying local honey is not only helpful to your community, but to yourself as well!



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